Donnarumma Rejects New AC Milan Contract

AC Milan has announced that their young talented keeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma (18) has decided to reject a contract extension from the club and does not plan to extend the current contract which ends in 2018. Marco Fassone, the club’s chief executive, broke the news at a press conference after the club held talks with Donnarumma. The Italian’s star agent, Mino Raiola, informed the club of Donnarumma’s decision on his future. Raiola has also managed the likes of  Zlatan Ibrahimović, Paul Pogba, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and is also known for his expensive and occasionally lucrative deals.


Donnarumma (18) is seen as the next Buffon by many football fans

To anger AC Milan fans even further, Donnarumma also stated that he would like to settle down in Milan a few days prior to the drama. This has created speculation that the young keeper will join rivals, Internazionale, also located in Milan. While this move seems likely, given certain circumstances, Donnarumma would like a move to Real Madrid, according to Sky Sport Italia. The Italian seems set on Madrid and even turned down an offer from French giants, PSG who apparently gave him a larger contract. Along with a significantly larger contract, Paris Saint-Germain even offered Donnarumma a house and personal driver to try to sway the Italian’s decision.


Donnarumma kissing Milan badge after a heroic save against Juventus

Donnarumma is currently considered public enemy #1 by AC Milan fans and also despised by football fans around the world who see him as an un-loyal money-grabber. The leader of Milan’s Curva Sud (Milan’s most famous fan organization) stated that Donnarumma should be benched for the remainder of his contract in light of his decision to split from the Rossoneri. “What’s happened is scandalous,” the super fans said. “Milan did everything to keep him. Now, in my opinion, Donnarumma must be benched for a year. The thing that makes us even angrier is that we’re back to making personalised chants just for him.” This may seem harsh, however, this just shows how passionate the Milan fans were about him and how distraught and distrusted they feel by him.


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