Is £52 million too much for Lacazette?


Okay okay, I agree, he’s a very good signing and a very good player, but in my eyes, he’s not worth that. Maybe 40 million, 10 mil less, and you’ve got yourselves a great player for a good price. But 50 million? Maybe not.

But is that just the current market? Let’s compare him to deals done last season -forwards in particular – to see.

  • Michy Batshuyai set Chelsea back just over 30 million from Marseille
  • Alvaro Morata was bought back by Madrid for 30 million
  • Leroy Sane was 50 million (?!?!)
  • Sadio Mane was just over 35 million for Liverpool
  • Henrik Mkhitaryan’s move to Man United was 50 million
  • Juventus bought Higuain off Napoli for 80 million
  • And yes, – the usual suspect who is constantly under scrutiny – Paul Pogba was a whopping 90 million in all

So maybe it’s not pushed up? I mean, let’s keep in mind that this is Arsenal, a Premier League club with a lot of money (even though Wenger doesn’t spend a lot of it) so they can spend more without worrying, and Lyon is going to know they have more money to throw around than say a Borussia Dortmund or an Atletico Marid type of club, which makes them more likely to meet demands, and therefore they can up the price knowing it won’t matter a lot etc etc.

Mind you, his stats certainly aren’t that bad, I mean, he did register 28 goals in 30 games for Lyon in the Ligue 1 last season, as well as 6 in 8 in the Europa League (oh great he’ll have experience, lovely). That’s decent (excuse me, VERY decent), even if it is the French League, which does get a bad rap sometimes. He’s quick, and he can finish. But he does have a few penalties put in his goal tally. 9 or 10 I believe. And before anyone has a go at me, I’m just saying this because it takes more skill to score when 2 defenders are putting you under pressure than to just saunter up and whack it hoping the keeper has gone the wrong way. But hey, who am I to judge? All I do is sit here and write football articles.



Lacazette banged in 35 goals in all competitions for Lyon last year


So yeah, maybe I’m wrong. You have your opinion, I have mine, I can’t change that. But will he be worth it? Will he deliver Champions League football back to Arsenal? Maybe not, you need more than just one player playing well to do that. If Sanchez leaves he won’t help. But we’ll discuss that at a later date.



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