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Our mission is to share our passion for football with an international audience! Pitchside started when a small group of users from the FIFA database and community, Futhead, decided to start a website for football and FIFA news. As we look to the future, we aim to add even more talented writers to our team, and to provide relevant, high-quality articles for football fans around the world. We hope that you will continue to follow Pitchside as we progress with our mission in the coming months and years.

Our Team


My name is Timothy Hermanto, creator of Pitchside. I started this site because I wanted to pursue my passion of writing about something I’m interested in. And that something, is football. As well as being the creator of Pitchside, I am also a writer here too. You may see me posting a lot about Bundesliga and the EPL. My favourite teams are Bayern Munich and Tottenham Hotspur. Follow me on Twitter! @trhtimmy


I’m Dennis Metz, a German guy living in Venezuela. I am a writer for Pitchside, mainly writing articles about the Bundesliga. I support Bayern Munich.


I’m Remy Bimbi, a diligent young Italian currently living in Melbourne. Born in Montecosaro, but I’ll be with Toro until I die. I am a writer for Pitchside, where I mainly cover the Serie A and all of its news.


I’m Tommi (also known as PapiBalo) from Finland and a writer for Pitchside. I mainly watch the Premier League, Serie A and Ligue 1 and I’ll be writing news mainly from Ligue 1. My favourite teams are: Liverpool, AC Milan and Olympique Lyon. I started writing because I find news about football very fascinating and I would like to become a journalist in the future. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PapiBalo


I’m a Korean-American currently living in the Upper Midwest, known by the alias “Sonny,” as my favourite player is Son Heung-Min of Spurs and South Korea. I mostly follow the Premier League and Serie A, as my favourite teams are Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus. Editing articles is my main role on Pitchside, but I will also occasionally provide news about the EPL, Serie A, and the South Korean national team. I’ve decided to take a position here at Pitchside since I’m passionate about football and also to keep my writing skills fresh.


I’m Ollie and I’m from England. I’m gonna be doing the EPL and international competitions, such as the Champions League, for Pitchside. I support Arsenal and watch most of their games as well as other big matches. I have been interested in football for a long time and hope to share that with you guys.


I’m Matt from England and I will be doing articles from within the Russian League as I support Zenit, but I have a good knowledge of football in England. I will regularly create articles on Pitchside. I find writing articles on the game fascinating and it could be a dream job for myself in the future. Twitter: @MattThirteen


I’m Angeline from Canada. I’ll be doing articles on Ligue 1. I support Marseille, and have been a fan of them since I got into football.

I’m Alex from Panama. I’ll be doing impartial articles about La Liga. I’m also a huge fan of Dortmund and International breaks.

I’m Theo Lennhoff and I am a writer for Pitchside livingin New England. I have a good general knowledge, but I focus on La Liga the most. I am a diehard Atletico Madrid fan and I also follow the New England Revolution.


Howdy y’all! I’m Matthew, an American living in the great state of Texas! Soccer has been my passion ever since I could walk. My favorite teams are the Houston Dynamo (hate Dallas), Liverpool FC, and the United States National team. I mostly follow the EPL and International games, however I also enjoy watching the MLS. I enjoy writing articles for Pitchside and I look forward to expressing my love for the beautiful game with y’all!



I’m Daniel Rodriguez, I’m a pitchside writer, born and living in Venezuela, supporter of my local club CD Lara. Don’t really support any team outside of my country, but still follow every league I can, I would make funny articles too, but I’m being repressed. Mainly writing articles about any shit that comes into my mind.


My name is Farris and I’m from North Carolina but i live in Maryland. My favorite teams are AC Milan, Manchester City, the Italian National Team and SL Benfica. I mainly follow the EPL and Serie A but I try to follow every major league and some smaller leagues throughout the world. I will be writing about pretty much anything that I can.


Hello, I am David. I currently live in England and I support Arsenal and Zenit St Petersburg. I follow multiple leagues and like to include humour in my articles. Look out for my work soon!